Metem's 100% recycled HDPE materials can be used for a wide range of applications. The attributes of the materials allow them to be used both residentially and commercially because of their strong resistance to wear and upkeep.

The panel material is comprised of a UV resistant pigment that is solid throughout the sheet allowing for less noticeable nicks or scratches, full color cut ends, and maintenance free use. Below are some of the widely used applications for Metem materials.


Metem materials are perfect for the marine industry because of their strong ability to fair the weather. Replacing wood or fiber components with Metem materials will insure that your crafts components are maintenance free and will look new and last for years. Commonly, HDPE materials are use in boat seats, decking and hull construction, because of its unique ability to be unaffected by water and moisture. 

  • Boat Seating
  • Decking
  • Hull Construction


Metem materials are the best addition to play structures. Their vibrant colors, simple shape formations and ability to be maintenance free year round in all climates makes them a long lasting asset to any park. Using Metem's 100% recycled HDPE within recreational areas is a great way to add color, and texture with a long lasting environmentally friendly material. Commonly, HDPE material is used for climbing structures, playhouse, game walls, signage and walls. Also furniture made entirely of Metem materials can be placed around recreation areas for maintenance free reading and resting areas. 

  • Climbing Structures
  • Playhouse Structures
  • Game Walls
  • Signage
  • Park Furniture


Metem materials are No.1 in bathroom partitions. The solid nonporous material is a sanitary solution for public restrooms. From urinal dividers to countertops, Metems solid colored materials hold up and make vandalism a much easier task to clean. You can relax knowing that the bathroom partitions surrounding you are made using an eco material that is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

  • Partitions
  • Countertops
  • Door Kick
  • Wall Cladding


Metem materials are a solid and durable solution for skate park construction and enclosing. Metem's maintenance free solid colored materials hold up to harsh abuse of weather and skaters alike. Metem materials have a high tolerance for unmanned skateboards and skaters manned with graffiti tools. Metems non porous surface is easily cleaned with a citrus cleaner. 

  • Ramp Side Panel Construction
  • Ramp Enclosing